Bronston - Leaving Utopia out tomorrow

Bronston are proud to bring you their new single, 'Leaving Utopia', produced by Idlewild's Rod Jones.

Bronston are a Scottish alt-rock 4 piece, the members of which have deep musical roots within the Scottish music scene. From production and writing with Scottish up-and-comer Mt. Doubt to featuring on BBC Radio6 Music favourite Tom Joshua's latest single, the influence of Bronston's members can be heard heavily throughout UK music.

This latest single, comes off the back of a short break for Bronston following the release of their debut EP 'Salutations' in 2017. Leaving Utopia presents a new chapter for Bronston as a band, in terms of both songwriting style and production. 

Recording at Edinburgh's Post Electric Studio with Rod Jones, guitarist of Scottish indie-rock group Idlewild, Bronston have captured an aesthetic that conveys the raw energy of 4 talented musicians hammering it out together live, without compromising on an immense studio sound. 

Leaving Utopia is a song that describes waking up from our fantasies of how the world around us works. That awakening can be caused by an external factor, someone or something, presenting us with new information about the world that jolts us out of the comfort of our belief system. It can also be caused by re-evaluation of our inner logic and the conclusions that we’ve reached through our process of reasoning, tempered by our emotions. Whether through introspection or through external persuasion, once the illusions plaguing our cognitive structures have been shattered, the world will never appear to us in the same way as it did before.


This process of leaving behind utopian optimism about the trajectory of planet earth and its inhabitants is one that has become all too familiar to us in recent times. It is a painful process. A confusing process. A process that can leave us feeling disconnected from those we felt sure were our brothers and sisters in a fight for a better future for humanity. However, it is also a humbling process, an enlightening process. Whilst it may be horrifying for us to bear the weight of the realisation that the world is a darker place than we might have feared, there is a sense of clarity that comes from accepting reality for what it truly is. 

Accepting the validity of these realisations facilitates the lucidity of mind required to renew and intensify our commitment to love and compassion, in spite of the hate that we now recognise to be in the souls of those we once thought to be loving and compassionate like ourselves. We do not abandon our reverence of love in the face of hate, because we recognise that those who profess hatred and perpetrate hateful acts are motivated not only by a disdain for others, but by a deep-seated (often so deep that it is entirely hidden from them themselves) self-loathing. 

Some of us need to be violently shaken out of our delusions and some of us need to be gently coaxed, but what is true of all is that – in so far as we are able to - we need to see the world for what it is in order for us to witness the positive changes we hope for in this world.

Taking cues from acts such as Foals, Queens of the Stone Age, Tame Impala and Arctic Monkeys, Leaving Utopia finds Bronston back on top of their game, sounding raw and huge.

Leaving Utopia releases Friday 25th of January, on all major streaming platforms.

musicTom Kembery