Could This Be The Ultimate Wellness & Beauty Booster For A Naturally Healthy Year Round Glow?

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Why not dive into the New Year with radiant looking skin, whilst also taking pleasure and comfort in the warm feeling a healthy inner glow gives you? Well the opportunity for you to indulge in such a moment has arrived,thanks to the new holistic beauty and wellness booster – Ellactiva® Collagen& 


With three juicy and delicious flavours to choose from, Collagen& sugar-free soft chews contain the perfect and ideal blend of 2500mg of hydrolysed Bioactive Collagen Peptides, vitamins and minerals to truly power-up your beauty and wellness regime. And packaged in beautifully designed sticks, each containing 10 chews, they can beconveniently enjoyed anytime of day. Nourishing from within, they are undoubtedly the perfect beauty and wellness handbag accessory. What’s more, their overall potency comes not only in their ability to deliver younger and smoother looking skin, it won’t be long before you notice a difference in your hair and nails too.


Quite simply, when it comes to collagen supplements, these ‘new kids on the block’ are stealing the spotlight from other brands in the marketplace. With gold standard clinical data stating that the Bioactive Collagen Peptides in just 3 chews a day delivers visible skin benefits in as little as 4 weeks, they can be mixed and matched across the range to replenish your body with essential vitamins and minerals to either increase your energy levels, strengthen your immunity or support healthy bones. Savouring the delights of supplementation in such a pleasurable, on-the-go format, with the three flavours of orange zing, blackcurrant burst and creamy caramel areguaranteed to keep your taste buds excited.


Epitomising both a nutritional and powerful addition to your holistic wellbeing, Ellactiva@ for life Collagen& softchews are available online from, and with an RRP of £29.99 per pack (60 chews with an RDA of 3 chews £1.50 a day) they are unlikely to add to your usual January bank balance blues. In fact they providereal value for money compared with many other collagen supplements.  So it’s a New Year, and time to indulge in moments that are good for you!

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